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Master Jason Hockersmith (Master JEH) had always wanted to learn how to do martial arts however, his father who was a Vietnam combat medic was trained that martial arts were not for self-defense but rather offense. Consequently, he refused to let him learn any martial arts because he thought he was too young and would just get into fights with others.

Over the years while Master JEH was growing up, he used to get bullied a lot and picked on as a child and would always ask his father for guidance on what to do. His father would just tell him to walk away. Unfortunately, as time went on, things progressed and became worse. Master JEH was assaulted weekly by up to five different kids at once. His parents decided to enroll as a family to learn Taekwondo.

Master JEH first started practicing Taekwondo a month before his 14th birthday. Master JEH quickly began to find peace, happiness, and a sense of self-confidence.

Master JEH continued to do Taekwondo almost 6 days a week and up to 5 hours a day. He started by assisting his Grand Master (GM Lee, Byung-Kyu out of Abbotsford) with teaching the children’s classes aged 5-8, 5 days a week.

Eventually Master JEH went on to earn multiple medals and eventually received his Black Belt in 1997, earning his 1st Degree (Dan) Black Belt. After receiving his Black Belt, Master JEH then quickly won the BC Provincial Taekwondo Championships and then went to the Canadian Nationals. His first Nationals didn’t quite end in the way he had hoped for however, he did learn many valuable lessons. He then went back home and began to focus a lot more on the type of training he needed to become… a champion. He then began to cross train with another Grand Master, GM Lee, Byung-Jik out of Surrey, BC. His GM Lee, Byung-Jik was a former chief instructor for the Korean National Police Academy and National Police sparring champion. After doing some training with him and assisting him with classes, while learning some different perspectives on sparring and self-defense; it helped him tremendously.

Master JEH went on a year long winning streak and had over 100 fights without a single loss. During this run he had won the US Open Nationals and was undefeated in every tournament he attended in California, Oregon, Washington State, and BC.

In the Spring of 2001, Master JEH joined the US Navy and then went on to compete for 3 years as the ALL Navy Taekwondo Team Captain and competed at the “All-Military Championships” placing bronze once and silver twice. He also competed in the US Nationals 2001-2003 placing a personal best 5th at the time. During these Nationals, Master JEH competed in the largest division (Welter weight) which had no less than 150 competitors each year.

From 2002-2006 Master JEH taught hand-to-hand combat to military members and taught the Shore Patrol (SP) and Master-at-Arms (Military Police) police restraints and the use of the police baton. Master JEH retired from the US Navy in 2009 after 8 years of service and returned to Abbotsford where he first began learning Taekwondo.

After returning to Canada in 2009, Master JEH once again reunited with his former GM in Surrey. He once again resumed teaching and training on a regular basis till he moved to Kamloops in 2012 for work.

Master JEH has been practicing on his own since 2012. Master JEH earned his 5th Degree (Dan) Black Belt, January 5, 2014.

He has decided that the timing was finally right to once again pursue his passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge with people that have a desire to learn and improve themselves.

Master JEH's Taekwondo

Class Schedule

Class Schedule is Monday - Saturday

Monday, Wednesday are for beginners

Tuesday's and Thursday's are for intermediate and advanced students

Friday and Saturday's are "Open" classes for all belt levels

All class times are as follows:

Monday – Friday
5 – 10Junior Eagle’s5pm – 5:50pm
10 – 16Teen Eagle’s6pm – 6:50pm
16+Senior Eagle’s7pm – 7:50pm


5 – 10Jr. Eagle’s10am – 10:50
10+Jr/Sr. Eagle’s11am – 11:50

Benefits of our program for KIDS:

  • improves physical fitness
  • develops discipline & self-control
  • fosters respect for oneself & others
  • provides stress relief & concentration
  • instills valuable life skills
  • promotes overall well-being


Benefits of our program for TEENS:

  • improve physical fitness
  • develops discipline & self-confidence
  • fosters respect for oneself & others
  • provides stress relief
  • enhances mental focus
  • supports emotional well-being
  • develops valuable life skills
  • contributes to overall growth


Benefits of our program for ADULTS:

  • improves physical fitness
  • reduces stress
  • enhances focus & concentration
  • fosters discipline & self-confidence
  • provides a sense of community
  • offers lifelong activity
  • provides valuable life skills


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Master JEH's Taekwondo

What Our Clients are Saying

00:57 27 Sep 23
I’ve been a student at Master JEHS taekwondo for two years, and I love it here, because of the friendly environment, and learning to defend Myself and Master JEH is a great teacher
Jason SamsonJason Samson
16:46 23 Sep 23
After being out of Martial Arts for almost 2 decades, i was very happy when i happened upon Master Jehs. School. He came highly recommended and i can see why. He is very dedicated to not only the school, but his students as well.Cant say enough about how much i really enjoy his classes, and highly recommend him!!
Donna McDonna Mc
04:45 16 Aug 23
GREAT INSTRUCTOR.Did taekwondo when i was a kid over 20 years ago and have missed it, so it is good to get back into it now as an adult. Definitely enjoy all the classes.
Ishan LuthraIshan Luthra
06:37 21 Feb 23
siehrish pervezsiehrish pervez
03:45 14 Jan 23
Master jeh's Taekwondo helped me improve in strength, skill and helped me gain more confidence. - Leena
Kane SandersKane Sanders
06:29 11 Jan 23
This is the first year in Taekwondo for my daughter. Master JEH has been very patient with individual needs while maintaining a structured and disciplined class. My daughter likes Taekwondo very much which is a direct correlation to Master JEH’s approach. Would recommend his classes to anyone young or old.
Riley HorsmanRiley Horsman
23:13 05 Jan 23
Master Jehs taekwondo is great. I’m a student here the reason why I’m giving him 5 stars is because he is hard on his students but he really he is hard on them because he wants them to be the best I started out not very good but I have gotten better over time because he is hard on me What I’m trying to say is if you need to protect yourself you really should go to master jehs taekwondo.
Julia CullenJulia Cullen
17:20 23 Dec 22
I'm really happy with the time my son has spent with Master Jeh these past few months. I appreciate the effort and structure that goes into the lessons. My son is 4 and has already progressed in a short period of time. Hard work, technique, disapline, respect and patience are just some of the many skills kids learn here. Of all the activities I've signed my kid up for..Taekwondo with Master Jeh is definitely the most valuable. The dojang is very clean...and his credentials are impressive. Great guy!
Diana LowndesDiana Lowndes
13:51 20 Dec 22
My son started Taekwondo in November. There have been challenging days when it comes to his behaviour. My husband and I thought that Taekwondo would help show him discipline, courage and more respect. Master Jeh has been amazing at helping him work through his difficulties and he is so patient with each kid in his class. He makes the kids feel comfortable and doesn’t pressure them to do anything they don’t want to. Although participation is key in class, he gives the kids time to participate when they are ready. My son loves going and enjoys all the challenges and see his improvement. I highly recommend Master Jeh!

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